Why the prices of Ecuadorian roses, rise or fall in the United States?

Yes, it is true that high demand increase the prices and the high supply lowers the price, but do you know when, and why?

We will give you other reasons to keep in mind when buying Ecuadorian roses



For example, the roses fly from Ecuador to the United States On Valentine’s Day, flights fill up and the freight companies increase their prices.
Weather, in February it is colder in the farms located in the Andes of Ecuador, because of this, production is lower and demand is high, this causes prices to rise.

2. Oil prices:

if the petroleum rises, than gas rises, the price of cargo goes up.

3. Weather and temperature

if the temperature decreases, production decreases, if the temperature rises a little, production increases and you can negotiate the price of roses. For temperature to impact on production has to be constant for at least a week.

4. In Summer time:

the temperature increases in Ecuadorian Andes, and at night temperature drops, this mixture increases production to stunning large roses, as the demand for roses decreases in the summer in the USA and the production increases in Ecuador, the final result is, lower price big head beautiful roses, which can be used for wedding season



Did you know that you can order directly from Ecuador fresh cut roses from the farms and have them delivered to your door ?:

Yes, today you donĀ“t have to make long trips to the floral market to get perfectly fresh roses. Now you can see a catalog online and get the ones you want, from the farms, cuts fresh, better than those you get from your local dealer.

The companies that provide this service have an e-commerce system where you can pay for these roses online, they also have the best farms associated with their e-commerce and they do the quality control of the roses for you at their warehouse in Ecuador.
Is best to find a company that offers 100% guarantee on their products.

We recommend this US/Ecuadorian corporation: www.ezrose.com that gives 100% satisfaction warranty, no questions ask.
This company has a US 1800 number, they will answer all your questions and they will send the best high-end roses for high-end projects, for florists or event planners.

This company ships by UPS to your door in 4 days. These roses will last a long time because they are cut fresh.

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