Tabacundo Flower Festival

Tabacundo Flower Festival

Between majestic lagoons, fascinating roses and a hundred traditions stands the parish of Tabacundo, cantonal head of Pedro Moncayo, located to the north-east of Quito.

It is a destination that hosts a variety and natural wealth that motivates foreign and domestic tourists to visit. Likewise, the cultural heritage of its people has undoubtedly been one of the key elements of the tourist attraction that this parish possesses.

The production of roses is another attraction that tourists can enjoy during their visit to Tabacundo. This activity has allowed the socio-economic development of the communities, and through this is intended to promote the name of the canton Pedro Moncayo on a global scale, boosting local, national and international tourism.

The ideal climatic conditions, the intense luminosity, the dedication of its people and the low costs of the production are the distinct advantage that made to Pedro Moncayo to receive multiple prizes by quality and variety of roses and flowers, besides gaining the name of the Capital World of the Rose.

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