Americans fall in love with Ecuadorian roses.

The roses from Ecuador are considered the best in the world.

A beauty difficult to overcome, its quality and its characteristics make them stand out from the rest: thick stems, straight and of great length, big floral buttons, bright and intense colors are their business card.

Currently, Ecuador produces more than 450 varieties of roses.

Originally, the commercial production of roses was in the northern hemisphere, in countries such as England, Holland, the United States, which at that time were the world centers of production of this flower. However, from the 1990s, there was a displacement of the rose production centers, so that currently the main producers are South American and African countries located in the hemisphere within the Torrid Zone. In recent decades, Ecuador stands out for its growth, within the world rose market.

Ecuador is located on the equatorial line and has part of its territory at more than 2,000 meters high and that is where the largest producing areas of the Andean country are located. These are areas where the sun’s illumination is higher than at lower altitudes (they have 12 hours of light per day) and the temperature is stable practically all year round (average temperatures do not fall below 14ºC). These favorable climatic conditions allow the production of flowers throughout the year.

Currently, the sale of roses is available to everyone, through the use of the Internet.

Among the trends to buy online, the one that caught my attention in this world of placing orders in one click is Ezrose Inc. a new rose buying B2B platform  “” where you can get roses directly from the farms to your door, from the comfort of your home or office, from the most exclusive roses farms in Ecuador.

This new platform for ordering roses online is revolutionizing the market, because of the ease of sending the product to the final consumer in only four days through UPS.

The variety of roses offered by the farms in are unique, their varied colors make Ecuadorian roses very popular with USA clients, including florists and event designers.

But what differentiates Ezrose from the rest of the platforms for sending roses?  Apart from the personalized service provided by the company to its subscribers, it is the easy picking way of roses at the portal from the farms and then receiving the roses in a period of 4 days, in which the roses arrive fresh and fast at your door.

In conclusion, this innovative new platform for sending roses is generating positive comments in the flower market and its customers.

Go ahead and visit and get the most sought-after flowers in the world through a single click.

Ecuador has more than 4,200 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of flowers, which allows availability for export throughout the year. The provinces typically producing flowers are Carchi, Imbabura, Pichincha, Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Azuay, and Cañar.


Ecuadorian flowers are praised for their beauty, their quality and unique characteristics and their long vase life.

The process of production, harvest and post-harvest and transport logistics of the Ecuadorian flower complies with regulations of prevention of pests, hydration, packaging, pre-cooling and are kept cold during transport and reception in situ, this Careful handling allows the flowers to resist the trip, with the cold chain being a priority component. The flowers are exported mostly by air.

All producers seek to be at the forefront of the trend and fashion of the different markets, in this way it is possible to sell flowers to all destinations (108 countries) and to all tastes.

International practice and experience have opted to produce few varieties in large tracts of land so that productivity is what sets costs and competitive prices. In contrast, the Ecuadorian farm is small and concentrates many varieties of flowers. Nowadays, the Colombian and Dutch producers in Kenya are imitating this successful strategy, as the consumer is increasingly demanding and more precise in tastes.

Curious fact:

It should be noted that around 2000 Ecuadorian roses were used in the presentation of the film “Beauty and the Beast”. To highlight that detail, in the premiere of the live action version of the Disney classic, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, the organization of the event used Ecuadorian roses in the main adornment of the gala, and also as a gift to the attendees. Putting up the name of Ecuador and the quality of its roses internationally.

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